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CD Duplication, Blu-ray Replication, DVD Authoring,
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ISO9002 Certified, Philips Licensed Partners, FLLC, IRMA, CPSIA Compliant
Licensed Blu-ray Content Provider

• AVID® Symphony NLE Video Editing Systems

• ADOBE® Premiere Pro NLE Video Editing Systems

• Video VFX: BorisVFX, Red Giant, ADOBE® After Effects, etc.

• Sound Recording and Mixing

• Sound Design and Foley for Feature Film, Shorts, Commercial, Documentary, Educational

• Custom Music Scoring and Fully Licensed Royalty Free Music available.


• Professional Sony DSA® Blu-ray Disc Authoring

• Alpha Multimedia Group is an AACS Licensed Blu-ray Content Provider

• Standard Definition: SD-DVD Authoring & Encoding

• Subtitles, motion menus, multiple languages, interactive menus, looping, etc.

• DDP, DLT Pre-Mastering, DVD Volume Remounting Services, Troubleshooting

• Copy Protection: Patronus DVD Anti-Rip, Macrovision

• MiniDV and DVCam Tape-to-DVD Conversion

• Supported formats: VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV, DVCam, DVCPro, BetaSP, Digital BetaCam

"The DVD's are fantastic! And for your information, the still image gallery--which did NOT play on my old Sony deck--plays fine on the finished product. I guess it DID have something to do with my discs being DV-R's. Within hours of putting the product online, I already had a sale...I'll be recommending you to anyone who asks about mass replication. And, with any luck, you'll be hearing from me again... soon."

Dr. William Boll
Filmmaker and Mathematician
The Amazing Mandelbrot Set

• CD/DVD-Audio Authoring & Pre-Mastering

• Stem Mixing & Mastering

• Steinberg WaveLab® and Magix Samplitude ProX® Professional NLE Mixing and Editing Systems

• Eventide, Native Instruments, Waves, Plugin Suite Processing

CD-Audio Pre-Mastering (See Our Mastering Discounts with Retail Ready Packages)

• Audio Cleaning and Restoration

• iZotope MBIT+ Dither, Apogee UV22-HR™ Dithering


CD-ROM ReplicationCD-Audio ReplicationDVD Replication

• Shaped CD ROM • CD Business Cards • Flex DVD

Short Run CD DuplicationShort Run DVD Duplication

• ISO9002 Certified and Philips Licensed Partners, IRMA Compliant


• Software Packaging and Graphic Design • Digipak

Free and Not So Free Bar Codes

• Custom Design, Printing and Packaging

• Order Fulfillment: Bulk Mailing, Etc.


• Web Design and Deployment

• Video Encoding and Streaming Solutions

• Digital Content Distribution

• ePublishing

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